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When the idea of establishing the Egyptian Contracting Company came up in 2009, the goal was to develop the country’s infrastructure, which of course will be reflected in a remarkable urban development. In line with the state’s development policy and based on Vision 2030, it was necessary to take a step to support the Egyptian urban and real estate market directly, and from here came the idea of launching Pyramids Real Estate Company

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Alamien Capital

The El Alamein Capital project extends over an area of 14 acres and is located in the northern coast,

Alamien Capital

The El Alamein Capital project extends over an area of 14 acres and is located in the northern coast, specifically in Kilo 114 on the Alexandria-Matrouh international road, in the heart of the new city of El Alamein; it is one of the fourth-generation cities that are characterized by applying technological technologies and preserving human health while raising the level of luxury in its livelihood. The El Alamein area has been known for its distinctive character, which mixes the turquoise sea and the monuments and museums that give an ancient character to the region, including the Italian Museum, which is located directly in front of the El Alamein Capital project. Pyramids has tended to invest in the new city of El Alamein based on our vision of the development of this city in the coming period due to the great interest it now receives from the state and the foreign investor as well and its high construction rate. Evidence of this is those entertainment and administrative projects that are currently in development; for example, Disney El Alamein and the Cabinet headquarters, which is for the Presidency of the Republic, which is only one kilometer away from the El Alamein Capital project, while the sea shore is 600 meters away from the project and is directly connected to it
The new city of El Alamein is a tourist, summer, residential and industrial city at the same time, as the state has planned to compete with beach cities around the world, but is now referred to as the new tourist capital of Egypt! Hence the slogan of El Alamein Capital came as “not just a summer resort”, as it is an opportunity to live in a sophisticated, pleasant and comfortable city and an opportunity for investment with the highest return due to the brilliant future of the region, especially after the completion of the entertainment areas and the high-speed monorail train project

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