El-Alamein Capital project extends over an area of ​​14 acres and is located on the northern coast , specifically at the 114th kilometer on the Alexandria Matrouh International Road, in the heart of New Alamein ; It is one of the fourth generation cities that is characterized by the application of technological technologies, preservation of human health, while raising the level of luxury in his life.
The El Alamein region has been known for its distinctive character, which mixes between the turquoise sea, monuments and museums that give an ancient character to the region, including the Italian Museum, which is located directly in front of the project.
Pyramids have tended to invest in the new city of Alamein based on our vision of the extent of this city’s development in the coming period due to the great interest it is receiving now from the state and the foreign investor as well and the high construction rate for it.
Evidence of this is those recreational and administrative projects that are currently under development. The example of Disney’s El Alamein and the cabinet headquarters and that of the Presidency of the Republic, which is only one kilometer away from the project, while the seashore is 600 meters away from the project and directly connected to it.

El-Alamein Capital

New El-Alamein City is considered a tourist, summer, residential and industrial city at the same time, as the state planned it to compete with beach cities around the world, but is now referred to as the new tourist capital of Egypt! Hence the slogan of El-Alamein Capital that it is not only a resort, as it is an opportunity for elegant housing in a developed, cheerful and comfortable city, and an opportunity for investment with the highest return due to the bright future of the region, especially after the completion of the recreational areas in it and the high-speed monorail project.

The El-Alamein Capital project consists of a residential resort and resort with 78% water and green bodies in order to achieve the well-being of the customer, and with the presence of service and administrative companies to deliver his needs to the door of his unit with the provision of home care and concierge services Hotel, so that the residents of El Alamein Capital would not incur any burdens. The project has a shopping mall huge and Aqua Park , a group swimming pools , playgrounds , and an artificial lake Which makes it simply classified as an integrated leisure resort with the distinction of its hotel units, which also makes it an unparalleled residential project with the presence of all those services and with its construction ratio that does not exceed 22%, leaving an extended space for fun and distinguished views.

El-Alamein Capital Services and Features

  • A commercial mall on 3 floors with an area of 14500 square meters.

  • A 5-star hotel with specialized management.

  • Tennis, football and squash courts area.

  • Swimming pools for adults, swimming pools for children, and an indoor pool for women.
  • Water games and aqua park on an area of 21,000 square meters.

  • Medical Center

  • The use of New Alamein Beach, with a length of 14 km.

  • A mosque on two floors, with an area of 600 square meters.

  • 24-hour security and guarding throughout the year through specialized companies.

  • Restaurants and cafes area.

  • Dancing fountain on the street front.

  • Landscapes and green spaces by 78% of the total project area.

  • Solar powered generators.

  • Cinema and entertainment venues.

El-Alamein Capital Resort

El-Alamein Capital Resort

The resort contains 20 Andalusian-style residential buildings with its attractive architectural details and a low-density system, as each building consists of only 4 hotel units per floor, with a total of only 250 units in the whole project. Clients are chosen for the one who actually fits the project, and to create a continuous and coherent community that allows for the choice of the neighbor by the residents. This is because we seek to form a closed, self-sufficient and interconnected project to the greatest degree that the client establishes it himself in cooperation with us. The residential area is distinguished by the Andalusian style, which gives it a special character with the penetration of the green and water surfaces of the artificial lake while all units see the sea shore.

Recreational Services

The project contains the first aquapark in the New Alamein City and it was designed with 6 swimming pools of 4 acres; Including covered swimming pools for women and others for children. Water bodies penetrate between residential buildings through an artificial lake, including islands for relaxation during the day. The project also has a full-service health club, in addition to restaurants, cafeterias, a mosque, a medical center, and a group of playgrounds for football, basket, hand and squash sports.

Hotel Units

El-Alamein Capital’s hotel units feature a variety of design models and spaces to satisfy all needs. There are those who see his unit as housing for the family and perhaps for the family by merging two units with the duplex system, and there are those who want his unit for temporary residence during his summer visits and all needs have been taken into account, as the units’ areas range from 60 to 125 square meters. As is the case in the pyramids real estate projects, the beach vision was taken into account for all units and the buildings orientation so that each unit is characterized by two overlooks, one on the road and the other on the water and green bodies.

Areas, prices and payment systems in the resort

Units spaces available in the resort are 60 meters – 62 meters – 85 meters – 100 meters – 125 meters.

With flexibility to allow spaces to be combined to obtain larger areas and also to obtain duplexes.

The basic meter price starts from 15,500 pounds with special discounts.

Payment System:

  • Down payment 10% of the unit price.
  • 5% payment after one year.
  • 5% payment after two years.
  • 10% receipt payment
  • And the remainder in equal installments over five years .

Maintenance deposit 10% upon receipt.

Delivery Date: in 2023.

  • Apartment 60 meters
  • Apartment 62 meters
  • Apartment 85 meters
  • Apartment 100 meters
  • Apartment 125 meters

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Geographical location of El-Alamein Capital Resort

El-Alamein Capital Hotel

  • El-Alamein Capital Hotel
  • El-Alamein Capital Hotel
  • El-Alamein Capital Hotel
  • El-Alamein Capital Hotel
  • El-Alamein Capital Hotel
  • El-Alamein Capital Hotel
  • El-Alamein Capital Hotel
  • El-Alamein Capital Hotel

For those who wish to visit El-Alamein Capital in the atmosphere of trips with access to hotel service, or for those who were preceded by time and could not reserve their unit, or even for those who want to spend a vacation near his friends and relatives who live The resort, in our plan for the El-Alamein Capital project, we put a five-star hotel to provide a distinct and elegant tourism experience with the highest levels of luxury and within the framework of the Andalusian character that distinguishes the project from everything that may be adjacent to it.

El-Alamein Capital Mall

  • El-Alamein Capital Mall
  • El-Alamein Capital Mall
  • El-Alamein Capital Mall
  • El-Alamein Capital Mall

El-Alamein Capital Mall extends over a vast area that has been designed over three floors. The mall features a comprehensive food yard for everything your heart desires, in addition to various restaurants, cafes, ATM services, baby care rooms and public bathrooms, designed to serve people with special needs as well. There is also a hypermarket in the mall to meet all the needs of the project residents. With all these services, we confirm our theory of designing, developing and implementing an integrated project that is self-sufficient and addresses all the needs of its residents to be truly representative of the best choice for our customers.