Pyramids Real Estate Company

Pyramids Real Estate is a real estate development company affiliated with the Egyptian Company, the aim of its establishment was to implement integrated residential and commercial projects. Pyramids Real Estate Company has achieved this goal by launching several projects, which included various residential towers that spread on the beaches of Alexandria. After the Egyptian company established its name in the field of infrastructure and general contracting, it directed its major investments towards developing the Pyramids Real Estate Company. In line with the state’s policy in developing and reconstructing new cities. In 2019, the Pyramids Real Estate Company launched the El Alamein Capital project to be a new start in the real estate development market, aiming to implement the national vision of the state and believing in the investment future of this promising region.

Has helped in the uptake of the project by increasing awareness and knowledge of the real estate market by clients who make it easy for them to choose us as a real estate developer for their future or additional home, depending on the entity of the Egyptian company, which has proven its existence during the past several years. . Our experience has allowed us to know the specifications of sites that are a profitable investment for the future and to understand how to develop them to stand witness to their steadfastness against time, and the state allowed us to pump investments in this field when it directed its investments towards developing new cities to raise their investment value, and our clients allowed us to achieve their requirements when they put their confidence. They realized that the guaranteed trend in investment is located in the real estate market precisely because of its guarantees and a high return on investment. Perhaps the reason for this high development in Pyramids Real Estate is also that our goals are in line with the goals of our customers, so we are praising the future; For housing, for luxury and for investment; With a full awareness of all standards that concern our customers. Accordingly, we provide the best architectural designs and urban plans, taking into account sophistication, luxury, and abundance of services, also at the best prices, as a representation of our motto that we develop the best choice.

Our mission as Pyramids Real Estate is to satisfy our customers and serve the real estate market in Egypt by developing projects in line with the 2030 vision so that they are planned with a well-thought-out infrastructure while reducing the building block to provide more luxury, joy and a healthy life for the community Al-Masry, and that the building will always stand by defying the time factor and achieving the highest return on investment for our customers.

The vision of Pyramids Real Estate is to expand the quality of projects from residential and commercial to resort and hotel, and we have taken a confident step towards achieving this vision by actually launching the El Alamein Capital project to be the beginning of the various future projects that we are targeting. New cities throughout the republic; According to the state’s steps in urban and real estate development in Egypt.

We are developing for the future, choosing promising sites that are in line with national investment plans and that allow the property’s value to increase over time. When we build, we adhere to standards that make the building stand up to the tests of wear and tear. We do not see the building as a housing of bricks and concrete, as it is housing today and tomorrow’s investment, so we conduct accurate feasibility studies that ensure the success of our projects and the satisfaction of our customers with a full understanding of their needs and what should be in the field of construction. A picture calling for dazzling by various countries of the world. Customer satisfaction remains at the top of our principles and our focus of concern. We believe that our client’s satisfaction is our measure of success. To achieve this satisfaction, we provide innovative designs and implement our projects at the highest level through our actual knowledge of high-quality materials, advanced technology with the highest efficiency in construction and construction, and with our practical experience in implementing sustainable infrastructure for various projects and how to complete projects in a record time according to the highest standards. p>

Our Standards in Action

  • On Time

    Our first and basic criterion is to deliver our project on time agreed upon on time, it reflects our professionalism in work and we care about our customers’ cost and always equal cost.

  • Safe Environment

    We at Pyramids Real Estate have a full-time Security and Safety Officer whose job is to ensure that our work environment is safe at all times.

  • Within Budget

    We customize the cost to meet your budget, but never reduce the quality.

Our partners

About the Egyptian company

The Egyptian company was named by this name because it was founded with the aim of being a pioneer in establishing the country. Over the years, the Egyptian Contracting Company has had a huge business precedent covering various fields of developing the state’s infrastructure. The company started working in the road and bridges sector and then developed into planning and implementing sanitation and irrigation works. Then it supported the urban market by providing the necessary equipment for various construction operations. After that, the company went to establish power stations and provide various areas with this vital service, and the company made huge investments in the real estate market through many residential, commercial and entertainment projects through the Pyramids Real Estate Company. And all this achievement was in cooperation with the specialized state agencies to complete many projects that have served and still serve the people of the country. The Egyptian Company has thus become one of the pioneers of general contracting in Egypt in the field of infrastructure in particular, relying on standards that guarantee safety, safety and efficiency in all projects. We now strive for the Egyptian company to be the preferred contracting company for our clients, and for our achievements to be always a source of pride for every member of our organization.

Egyptian Company Sectors

  • Road Sections and Bridges

    In this sector, the Egyptian Company has constructed and developed various hub road junctions and many highways with lengths ranging between eleven and twenty-four kilometers in order to connect Various cities in the Delta and Upper Egypt, in addition to developing the Alexandria Agricultural Road, implementing bumpers to secure roads in the West Delta, and developing cross-country crossings in cooperation with the Egyptian Railways Authority.

  • Irrigation and Sanitation Sectors

    The Egyptian company has carried out various works for this sector in many governorates, including the work of splitting and digging or restoring and developing canals, as well as lining, rubbing, cladding and connecting networks Sanitation, as the length of canals ranged from three thousand two hundred to eleven kilometers. The company’s responsibility in this sector includes everything related to the construction of water stations and the implementation of the necessary infrastructure for them, in coordination with the Sewerage Authority.

  • Equipment Sectors

    In order to consult the company’s resources and support the construction market in the country, the company leases its equipment to support various infrastructure projects and various construction and contracting works, as the company supervises the use of those Equipment to ensure the safety of workers on it and the correct use of it. And from that equipment; Tractors and trucks of various kinds, excavators and bulldozers, asphalt scrapers, road pavers, concrete mixers, as well as loaders and cranes.

  • Electrical Substation Sectors

    The Egyptian company has constructed many electric power production and transmission stations with the implementation of the necessary infrastructure works and connections for high, medium and low voltage lines, while making sure of Efficiency of energy sources and cables used in distribution and securing networks against natural hazards. The company has implemented projects in the electrical sector in multiple locations and over large areas, and thus the Egyptian Company is proud to play this role in order to provide an indispensable service to the Egyptian community.